Customer Credentials

All speech requests sent to Speech Center must have a valid authorization token in order for the system to successfully process the request. These tokens have a validity period of 1 hour and can be generated on demand using your customer credentials.

Your customer credentials can be retrieved through the Speech Center Dashboard by logging in with the customer account supplied to you by Verbio.

Authentication flow

To acquire a valid token submit an HTTP POST request to the authentication service at

Token expiration management

Authentication flow

As part of the JWT specification, we fully support the token expiration claim, so generated tokens will be valid for only a finite period of time of 1 hour to up to 1 day. It is the responsibility of the calling client to manage this token expiration time and, in a best case scenario, anticipate the refresh by a couple of minutes so the streaming session attempt never fails because of token expiration.

In order to refresh the token, the token refresh endpoint can be called with the same client_id and client_secret, and it will respond with a new JWT token with a renewed expiration time.

Authentication API

Method POST



Request body


Response body

Content type: application/json Body:

 "access_token": "new_access_token",
 "expiration_time": 1678453328

*expiration_time field contains the expiration time for the JWT token so there is no need to decode the token on the client request to know the token expiration time.

Status codes:

HTTP 200: OK
HTTP 400: KO - Provided request format was invalid.
HTTP 401: KO - There was a problem with the provided credentials.
HTTP 5XX: KO - There was a problem with the server.

Testing calls using curl

Example request

curl --header "Content-Type: application/json"   --request POST   --data '{"client_id":"YOUR_CLIENT_ID","client_secret":"YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"}'   ''

Example response

{ "access_token": "EXAMPLE_ACCESS_TOKEN", "expiration_time": 1678453328 }