Speech Center features a dashboard at https://dashboard.speechcenter.verbio.com.

Dashboard serves two main purposes:

  1. Allow users to follow up historical usage data of the service, separated by projects or as a whole.
  2. Allow users to retrieve client_id and client_secret credentials necessary to integrate with Speech Center, please look at authentication section to learn more about how this is performed.

Logging in to the dashboard

Dashboard is accesible through the following link or clicking on the “Sign in” button in the main Speech Center webpage.

Once in the login screen, username and password are required to log in to the dashboard. This account needs to be generated by Verbio, so please contact info@verbio.com to get an account.

Main screen

Main screen will show a summary of the current and past month’s usage both in minutes and in number of requests. It will also allow to filter by different projects using the Project dropdown selector.

Client credential screens

This screen allows the dashboard to generate and show the user’s client credentials. This client credentials are necessary in order to retrieve temporal tokens from the Authentication system in order to send requests to the system. Please refer to the Authentication section of this documentation to learn more.

Statistics screen

Screen allows user to check the historical usage and filter it by Project, group it by months, weeks or days as well as show it in seconds, minutes and hours. Number of requests is also shown and able to be filtered by projects.