Speech Center allows requests to be related to a specific project. This will help identify usage related to a specific project and have the ability to be be separately billed.

Project restrictions

  • A customer can have as many projects as desired, there is no limit in the number of projects.
  • Customer needs to be careful when writing project name, as project names are case sensitive.
  • Project name should be one word, not allowing any spaces. Symbols such as dash or undescore are allowed.

Sending request for a specific project

To select a request with a specific project, the configuration section of the streaming request proto (please refer to STT Streaming API for more information) has a parameter called ‘label’. This label must contain the project name from which the user wants the request to be paired with.

message RecognitionConfig {
  enum AsrVersion {
    V1 = 0;
    V2 = 1;

  // General parameters for the recognition, such as language.
  RecognitionParameters parameters = 1;

  // The request must specify a topic.
  RecognitionResource resource = 2;

  // The version of the speech recognition software to be used. Each version may support a different set of languages, topics and features.
  AsrVersion version = 3;

  // Timer configurations for MRCP.
  optional TimerConfiguration configuration = 4;

  /* Labels to apply to this recognition, for billing purposes. Can be one or multiple.
  Billing information can later be grouped by label. There can be None to up to 64 labels in a request,
  and each label can have up to 256 characters.  */
  repeated string label = 5;

This can also be seen coded in the sample C++ software client, where a request can be sent by specifying a label with the –label argument.

Viewing usage for projects

Usage for different projects can be seen in the dashboard, where customer can select any project from the Project dropdown selector. This will cause the shown usage to be filtered by project.