Speech-to-Text Streaming

Languages and Overview

Verbio leverages over 20 years of experience in voice AI and speech technologies to deliver cutting edge products that perfectly match the needs of our trusted clients. Our engines are based on state-of-the-art DNNs that have been trained with hundreds of thousands of audio to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Verbio STT streaming at a glance:

  • Best accuracy in 8 languages
  • Punctuation and advanced formatting
  • ABNF Grammars (coming soon)
  • Hyper responsive with super low latency (<500ms)
  • Highly scalable cloud platform
  • Seamless integration- gRPC API, MRCP API (coming soon)
LanguageCodePunctuationAdvanced formatting
English USen-USv1, v2v1, v2
British Englishen-GBv1, v2v1, v2
esv1, v2v2
es-419v1, v2v2
pt-BRv1, v2v1, v2

Note: v1 is our standard version, ready for production. We continuously push to improve our engines- v2 is our beta version with improved features.

Punctuation and advanced formatting

Advanced Formatting featureDescriptionExample
EmailsRecognize and format emails addresses in the transcription.my email is j smith at aol dot com
My email is jsmith@aol.com.
NumeralsConvert numbers from written format to numerical according to each language rule.three thousand two hundred forty-five
Recognize and format numbers that are phone numbers according to each language.my phone number is five five five five six six one two three four
My phone number is (555) 566-1234.
Convert years from written format to numerical.i was born in nineteen ninety-five
I was born in 1995.
Recognize and format numbers of credit cards.three four one one two two two two three three three three four four four four
Recognize and format IDs.mi dni es 50 25 89 76 uve doble
Mi dni es 50258976-W.
AmountsRecognize and format temperature expressions with Celsius and Farenheit degrees.outside is twenty five degrees or seventy two fahrenheit inside is four degrees below zero
Outside is 25° or 72°F. Inside is -4°.
Format numbers that are percentages.this product has a three percent comission
This product has a 3% comission.