Drawing on more than two decades of expertise in voice AI and Speech Technologies, Verbio is at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge products perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers. Our Text-to-Speech product is a versatile tool designed to convert written text into spoken words effortlessly. It is perfectly suited for applications requiring natural-sounding voiceovers, accessibility features, or automated responses, offering clear and coherent speech synthesis tailored to our client’s specific needs. It is available in 4 languages and 5 dialects:

  • Automated Customer Service: Improve your interactions with the users by implementing automated voice responses in customer service applications.
  • Accessibility Features: Improve accessibility in websites, apps, and electronic documents.
  • Content Creation: Convert written content into spoken form, and create voiceovers in different languages for videos and multimedia presentations.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems: Enhance IVR systems in businesses and call centers with natural-sounding voice prompts.

Standard APIs

Our interface offers seamless access through simple requests. Connect via standard protocols: REST and gRPC are readily available.

Natural-sounding AI voices

Our voices bring human-like warmth and precision to the digital realm. They have been carefully crafted with detailed human input, focusing on clarity and natural intonation. We aim to enhance user experience by providing clear and intelligible communication for a variety of domains and use cases. We ensure that users will be able to engage with your content.

Customizable Out-of-the-Box via SSML tags

We provide ready-to-use voices for effortless integration into your applications. However, we understand that your use case may require adding some tweaks, such as precise pronunciation of product names, incorporation of custom acronyms, or the introduction of strategic pauses, emphasis, or alterations in speed within sentences. All of that can be smoothly done thanks to the support of SSML tags, empowering you to tailor the final output of the voices with precision and ease.


We currently offer the following the following languages and dialects:

Language Voice
US EnglishTommy
Peruvian SpanishMiguel
Peruvian SpanishLuz
Brazilian PortugueseBel
Castillian SpanishDavid
TTS voices available

Our catalog is expanding quickly. Revisit us or reach us to know what’s coming and when.